Windows 7 Deployment

Deploying Microsoft's newest desktop operating system can be challenging if you don't have the right tools.

Exchange 2010 Deployment

With Microsoft's big move to PowerShell scripting, even the most experienced Exchange administrators are finding it difficult to deploy Exchange 2010 into an existing or new infrastructure.

Server Virtualization

As hardware ages and companies are faced with the purchase of new servers and having to figure out how to migrate existing services to new hardware — companies are finding that there are many options and virtualization is one of the best.

Messaging and Directory Services

Deploying Microsoft Exchange 2010 provides new features and benefits that allow organizations to gain faster access to email and network resources.

Newly-improved database replication services, as well as improved transport processes, dramatically increase Exchange 2010's reliability.

For organizations that are looking to move to Microsoft Exchange 2010, we can provide expert guidance as well as information to describe the different deployment and hosting solutions available. Once a deployment scenario is defined, we can design the solution and provide the technical hands-on resources to get the project completed successfully.

Please contact us to describe your messaging project needs today.

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