Windows 7 Deployment

Deploying Microsoft's newest desktop operating system can be challenging if you don't have the right tools.

Exchange 2010 Deployment

With Microsoft's big move to PowerShell scripting, even the most experienced Exchange administrators are finding it difficult to deploy Exchange 2010 into an existing or new infrastructure.

Server Virtualization

As hardware ages and companies are faced with the purchase of new servers and having to figure out how to migrate existing services to new hardware — companies are finding that there are many options and virtualization is one of the best.

Project Methodology - Phase 3: Testing

The testing phase, also known as the prototype phase is a very important phase to any project. During this phase of the project the proposed solution will be constructed desirably in an isolated lab environment where the final design and any associated processes will be validated for proper function and operation.

Any recommended change to an existing computer and network infrastructure should be tested before it is implemented. In many cases rolling back to the original configuration is very painful and any upfront testing can save many man hours and reduce unexpected company downtime. We do understand that with smaller organizations there is a lack of physical hardware and resources to do proper testing but in these cases we still perform limited testing and extensive risk and migitation planning.

When a project is determined to have minimal or no impact to an existing network, the testing phase can be incorporated to the beginning of the implementation phase as a limited production roll out as opposed to a completely separate proof of concept build. In these cases the project roll out is limited to only a small set of end users who will be tasked to test the new solution and report any undesirable issues.

Phase 1 - Review

Phase 2 - Design

Phase 3 - Testing

Phase 4 - Implementation & Support

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